As youngster I remember going blackberry & wild raspberry picking in the hedgerows in the country lanes near where we lived in England. Then later after I was married we would holiday in the Jura mountains in France each year, where we would hike a few days and find the most amazing tiny wild strawberries  and a blue berry  ( makes the most amazing Tarte au Myrtilles)  with the most intense flavors. All washed down with a delightful Crement du Cerdon slightly sweet sparkling wine.


In England we would often pop down to the local ‘Pick your Own’ and gather raspberries, strawberries and sometimes gooseberries when in season.


Which was great fun, especially as we could test taste a few along the way….

Today there is a much bigger demand for growing your own at home, due in part to a return to more natural activities ( getting lost behind a small screen is ok, it’s not very energetic, and it’s probably a strain on the eyes) . A lot of today’s youngsters would like to know how to grow plants. Many younger adults are seeking to help them, whilst us old-en’s have the knowledge.


The trick is, as always a balanced approach, until you feel confident enough to really ‘go for it’

Can you see the edibles in the picture below?


Of course if you happen to have the odd Châteaux just lying around you could always develop something on a rather more grand scale..


Sadly unless you happen to be a Hedge Fund manager, Politician, CEO of a public company or Daddy was very generous this approach is beyond most of us.

So with this in mind we have started to develop a rather novel approach, tailored to today’s rather busy folks and designed to grow with you as they say. First however, try something quick easy and useful, a Deck or Patio vertical herb garden. – just growing a few herbs is both fun, educational and beneficial.


Once you are happy with the herbs, then start being more adventurous, depending on the space available you can start a larger edibles garden.

The next phase, slightly larger edible area will be our next blog, along with ideas on how to implant within the landscape.

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