Hello and thank you for dropping by as we build this site specially for families that are looking to grow herbs and vegetables in an easy to follow way.

Outside Growing.

For those wanting to develop easy small area plots we have our patented Garden Kits.

A 5ft x 5ft grid.

Each plant has it’s very own marked square.

The fabric we use to form the grid acts to reduce moisture it is also an effective weed suppressant.

In addition, the  fabric will, with care, last for two or three seasons.


Our  FREE phone app logo  has a growing number of layouts to suit many different zones and site conditions. The app lets you visualize a scaled layout picture superimposed on a photograph of your own site, when you   have a chosen design, you can print out a full set of instructions, including planting list, plant positions and planting instructions.


Handy soil injector.

We developed this series of hand held soil injectors for primarily homeowners that wanted an economical way of injecting partially hydrated super absorbent into the root zone of established or pot grown plants. This process keeps water available to the plants root zone for much longer, increasing the time between watering.



As an example a hanging basket, or garden pot, would likely only need watering once a day in the height of summer

The injector is also able to inject a combination of fertilizer with the super absorbent, reducing significantly fertilizer run off.


Indoor Growing.


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