This classic park surrounding the simply stunning Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art , in Kansas City is a great place to start – as long as the temperature are being kind !

Anyone for Badminton?
Anyone for Badminton?

The museum has a new exhibit which kids would really enjoy, as long as they are accompanied, it’s a glass Labyrinth.

Picture credit to Chris Smart
Picture credit to Chris Smart

Alternatively if you were across the pond  in say Paris, France  you could visit a more modern looking park. I think this is  Parc de Villette

Park  in Paris
Porte de Villette, Paris

or perhaps a more tropical park in say Honolulu.

A stunning park in Honolulu

Sometimes just the local school has a pleasant surprise in store, as this school in south London achieved.

A school quiet garden
A school quiet garden

Most parks are designed and built to a much higher engineering standard, so they can last a long time without needed costly repairs.

Over the years we have designed & built a huge array of children’s play areas, mostly in parks or on community housing sites, occasionally in a school, the one above was a really fun project, quite a few years ago now.

The idea was to have a theme for the closed in ‘quiet’ area, so the architect suggested a ‘Kentish Riverbank’ , so we developed a dry river bed using kidney stones set in a flowing pattern, added a jetty to lin the ‘Oast’ house from the ‘Kentish Barn’ , included a loading ramp – to enable wheel chair access and created a few sail boats with trees for masts and sails. All the planting was native to a Kentish riverbank along the dry river, with more architectural plants around the edge.

We added a ‘hump back bridge’ in natural stone & a fallen oak tree, from years back when there was a very large storm.

A Quiet School Garden
School Garden

One of the art teachers had the kids create a whole series of ceramic fish which we set into the river bed,  they make excellent brass rubbings !

Ceramic Fish for Riverbed.
Ceramic Fish for Riverbed.

Children love to interact with nature, they also enjoy movement,as well as some risk, you will notice though that here we kept away from moving objects as this was a ‘Quiet Garden’ .

City parks in recent years have tended away from moving pieces of play equipment, mainly due to the liability from accidents, they use a more static type of play equipment, although the classic swing is still in evidence in many parks to this day.

More awareness of other dangers has lead to many play areas being fenced in, to protect the children playing.

Visiting a local farm is yet another wonderful experience “Pick you Own’ farms can be a wonderful treat for the kids..

Fruit picking
Fruit picking

Here in Weston, Missouri we have a classic old style farm that is just enchanting.

Early one morning , Weston Red Barn Farm
Early one morning , Weston Red Barn Farm

Ann & I, interviewed Farmer Steve last week he will be on our show very soon, to tell you how busy he is kept with  all his animals and field of fruit and pumpkins not to mention around 15,000 kids visiting his farm each year !

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Enjoy your weekend, thank you for reading our blog, we would love to hear from you.

Ann & Chris

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