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Yesterday was the launch of our new internet radio show, it’s really all about people, how they make a difference to the environment they live in, how they have created their very own paradise, landscape or garden space, where they retreat to recharge their batteries after a hectic working day.

Each has it’s very own charisma, all are different, personal, delightful and special, Ann and I are very grateful to these wonderful people opening their truly amazing spaces to us, to interview them.

You can find us at РGrowing Trends, we hope you will enjoy each visit with us. Please do, drop us a line at ask a question or request we visit you, or like us on Facebook  РGrowing Trends where you can see more pictures of the garden landscapes we visit each week.

3 thoughts on “Growing Trends internet radio

  1. I also have Internet Radio, and it was fun to share my music to other people who listens to you. And it’s a great feeling when you see their good comments.

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