Green Roof - London

This green roof garden was constructed in London some years ago..just as ‘Green Roofs’ were becoming popular, we used this modular construction to great effect, managing to hide all the A/C vents etc, that usually clutter a roof..

Great staff resource

The garden was an addition to the staff restaurant on the third floor, so we were lucky to be able to use a wide selection of plants, as it rarely got too cold, although snow loading etc, was a serious consideration.
By having a large amount of planting around the building edge we were able to keep people from getting to close to the edge , helping reduce the need for high barriers.


The project won a number of awards at the time, and gave us valuable insight into designing, constructing and subsequently maintaining a green roof.


Here you can see the simple framing that this modular system uses, not only is it strong, but having been treated it is very long lasting – at least 50years.

setting out

Beneath the grid is a typical weed barrier, free draining medium etc, to keep the roof from retaining any water. The grid cells were lined and filled with a soil less planting compost and a typical drip irrigation system installed on top.

Our only challenge was a couple of mallard ducks that insisted on nesting in one corner of the garden – we left them to their own devices !

Modular construction makes this much easier to build withGreen Roof Garden

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