If this year is anything to go by we are definitely experiencing some changes to our weather patterns. We have more rain than I can remember, I know this because the power has gone out an amazing 13 times in the past 6 weeks ( yeah I hear you say why are the lines not buried, and how can a squirrel knock out power to a whole town, well the same way a dump truck can when it tips it’s load, or too many birds take a break on a power line and it shorts out).

Back to the weather, instead of 90f plus temps they have been 75f and at night instead of 75f they have been 55f, it’s almost English weather, except over there the temps have been much higher.

We have also had nearby, a huge increase in Earthquakes ( by this I mean hundreds of small quakes) this year, many place the blame on this, to the new habit of ‘Fracking’ , which I’m sure isn’t helping.

We’ve a serious issue with lack of bees to pollinate the crops , it’s not just the honey bees the wild bee population is suffering as well, as is the bird population, which probably means  that the insect population is affected as well. In sure mother nature doesn’t like it when us humans mess with what was once a very balanced eco-system.

Some areas of the country are experiencing record droughts, which if it continues will have a far reaching impact on food production and where folks chose to live.

So with all this turmoil around us, a couple of friends and I decided it was time to change how we grew herbs & veggies…

So today we are launching Hort Cuisine something we have been working on for a few years now, it’s a rather fun way to grow at home.

It starts with our Hort Cuisine patented grid system

Hort Cuisine 4x4

Here’s an example Hort Cuisine, herb garden

herb cube

and here’s the beginnings of a Hort Cuisine ‘Knot Garden’

left top lavender edge

here’s the Knot Garden sector planted

Potager 1

We are going to make smaller ‘Balcony’ sized versions too

Potager 1 x 2

Which should be an ideal size for balconies.

In the next few days you will see just how easy these kits are to do yourself at home.







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